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Three decades, three paths.

The 60’s… Rolex 6239 Daytona Paul Newman Full set

Being one of the most iconic and recognizable watches ever made, the Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ was first introduced in the catalogue as Exotic dial as a possible choice instead of the most traditional black or silver dial for the Daytona 6239 or 6241.

The present watch, which is known as three-color white dial, is the same configuration of the one once owned by Paul Newman himself, and sold in auction with an astonishing result.

It has been conserved in exceptional condition, the case has never been polished, the dial remains extremely bright and crisp, the lumes are all intact and have turned to a stunning cream tone.

A watch for any serious collector.

The 70’s… Rolex 5513/5517 Submariner

From the 70’s (1974) is this beautiful and rare UK Military assigned Rolex Submariner double reference 5513/5517. Made for the British Royal Navy, the double ref is one of the most rare version of the UK Military assigned Submariners.

Each component of the watch has been exclusively made for this reference, as for the bezel insert, the fixed bar case, special hands and assigned case back. Each component is still present and in beautiful original condition.

The 80’s… Rolex 18039 Day Date

From the 80’s (1986) we have a Rolex Day Date 18039 in White Gold with factory Birch Wood Dial, a stunning example of Rolex creativity and craftsmanship. More often found on Yellow Gold, Wood Dials for White Gold are extremely rare and very appealing.

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